Mark Bode


I’m a founder and partner of innovative and creative businesses.

Currently I’m working with the Stadsboswachter on a new venture to get more green into the cities through the re-use of green and new business models enabled by tech.

As a partner of Wolfpack, we run the program Humanizing Smart Cities, where we aim to build solutions that people really want while keeping in control of their data. From this program new business concepts will be launched, a.o. with our client and partner Heijmans.

The Grassroots Business Lab that I run with Wolfpack and Wunderpeople will soon see the birth of several business concepts that will improve the position of communities, such as Open Badges (a platform for informal learning); a platform for neighborhood assets; a plastic recycling initiative and a gig platform.

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In the past I’ve been partner and founder of several creative businesses, such as Shop Around, DC, FFWD Dance Parade, design label Basematters.



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